Mobile App

What is on the Mobile App?
The mobile app gives you access to all the information relating to UKOUG 2012 including:

  • The agenda
  • Session information such as time, date and abstracts
  • Speaker information
  • Exhibitor information including an interactive floor plan of the exhibition hall
  • Up to the minute social media feeds
  • Social events information
  • Information on Event Extras like Un-Conference and RAC Attack
  • Pre-event and On-Site updates relating to the agenda and other activities on site
  • Useful maps to help you around the venue and local area
  • Access to your personalised event information

Downloading the app
To find out which platforms support our UKOUG 2012 mobile app please visit our showcase page . Alternatively access this link from your mobile and you will be able to download the relevant app direct to your phone.

You can also download the UKOUG 2012 app by searching in your app store.

Accessing the web portal
New for 2012
– This year you will be able to access the mobile app web portal which is where you will be able to personalise the event to your requirements. The web portal will also be suitable for all larger portal devices such as tablets and iPads.

The web portal will provide you with the same information and interaction of the mobile app, you will need to select Event Details in the top right hand corner of the page.

Personalising your event
New for 2012
– In order to personalise your event you will require a username and password.  These will be provided to you by UKOUG once you have registered and been confirmed on to the conference. Your username and password will be sent to you within 72hrs of confirmation.
You have two methods of personalising your event, via the web portal or directly through the mobile app.

You will need to log in to enable you to select items and add them to your favourites.  This will enable both applications to sync with each other ensuring that whichever you are using or wherever you are, you always have the latest up to date version of your preferences.

Personalising your event includes selecting your favourite speakers and exhibitors as well as the sessions you wish to go to.

Selected items will be highlighted by a blue star.  To ensure you are not double booking yourself, select list view when checking your favourite sessions to see if any overlap.

Speaker evaluations
New for 2012
– This year you will be able to complete speaker evaluation forms via the mobile app and web portal.

To access the relevant form for the session you would like to evaluate simply select the session and then select the thumb-up:thumb-down logo on the bottom left hand side of the page.

Complete the questions and navigate through the form by selecting the numbers at the top.
Alternatively, you can access the session by selecting the speaker and then viewing which sessions they are presenting.

This year the forms are built in to the app itself so even if you do not have a mobile signal we will still receive your feedback as the app holds the information and pushes it through once you regain signal.

Push Messages
Once you have downloaded the mobile app you will be asked whether you would like to allow push messages.

This is a personal preference but please be aware that these will be used prior to and during the event to keep you up to date of the latest developments such as session changes, speaker cancellations and other things happening throughout the day.

UKOUG are working hard to ensure that these will be kept to a minimum to reduce irritation and we can assure you that no personal data entered in to the web portal or mobile app is shared with any other parties.

Problems and Troubleshooting
If you require further assistance or are experiencing difficulties with something not listed here please contact:

Faye Wood
+44 (0)20 3051 0590 

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