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...Sign Up Now To Give Oracle Your Feedback on Future Product Design Trends

Get the most from your conference experience and participate in a usability feedback session, where your expertise will help Oracle develop unbeatable products and solutions.

During UX session you’ll learn about Oracle’s future design trends - including mobile applications and social networking - and how these trends will affect your users down the road. 

Oracle’s usability experts will guide you through practical learning sessions on the user experience of various business applications.

User feedback sessions will be conducted Monday, December 3rd and Tuesday, December 4th at the ICC, Birmingham.

To best match you with a user feedback activity, we will ask you about your role at your company. What do you get out of it? Customer and partner participants in the past have been surprised to learn how tuned in Oracle is to work that their applications users do every day. Oracle’s User Experience team members are trained to listen carefully, ask specific questions, interpret your answers, and work with designers to create products and solutions that suit your needs. Our goal is to help make you and your users more productive and efficient.

Learn about Oracle’s process, and take advantage of the chance to give your specific feedback to the designers who create the enterprise applications of your future. See for yourself how Oracle collects feedback and measures its designs for turning them into code.

Seats are limited for Oracle’s user feedback sessions, so sign up now by sending an e-mail to  with the subject line: Sign Me Up for UKOUG 2012 UX Session.

For more information about customer feedback sessions and what you can learn from them, please visit the Usable Apps website.

When: Monday, December 3rd and Tuesday, December 4th, 2012.
Where: The ICC, Birmingham.

How to sign up: RSVP now by sending an email to with the subject line “Sign me up for an UKOUG 2012 UX Session.”

Learn more: Visit the Usable Apps website at Get Involved, or watch a video about our on-site labs.

Note: Sessions must be booked in advance of the conference, for your convenience.