Oak Talks

Following the success of the Oak Talks last year, the OakTable will be repeating the exercise this year.

If you've ever watched the TED talks you will be immediately familiar with this concept – short, concise and, we hope, entertaining presentations designed to make one important point.

Members of the OakTable will be taking over the Un-Conference area, on the exhibition hall gallery, during the lunch breaks on all three days of the conference, to deliver a rapid-fire sequence of presentations - three or four in a row, with a couple of minutes to change over.

The presentations will be strictly limited to 10 minutes each with a couple of minutes change-over time. Slides not allowed, although the speakers will be allowed to use a flipchart if they fancy their hand at artwork.

Speakers include: Alex Gorbachev, Dan Fink, and Martin Widlake, and the presentations range from "Autumn and the AWR" to "The Zen of Diagnosis".