This year at UKOUG, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience building an Oracle RAC database using virtual machines on your own laptop with help from the experts from the IOUG RAC SIG and Pythian. Find us on the Exhibition Gallery on Monday 11am - 3pm and Tuesday 9am - 3pm. You will be welcome to spend as much time as you would like, or as little as you can spare. We'll help you get started, explain step-by-step or troubleshoot what's gone wrong.

To get the most out of this experience, we recommend that you bring a USB-powered external hard drive with 100G of free space or have an SSD with appropriate space on your laptop. Please bring your own laptop! (We will have few laptops to borrow if required). The labs are designed for Windows-based laptops but we will assist Mac OS X and Linux users as well. H/W requirements are on and you can also start doing preparation steps at home on your laptop, to save time at the conference.

It's advised to download Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle Database and Grid installation media if you want to take your environment home after the workshop (you must agree with the license online). See and If you don't have Linux installed to prepare the image in the last list and didn't proceed to Linux install at home, just go to and download two files for Oracle Database and one for Grid Infrastructure. Remember to download 32 bit versions of Linux and Oracle media!

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