Presentation Title: Oops, I Did It Again: MySQL Replication - What Has Changed
Speaker: Mark Swarbrick
Company: Oracle
Presentation abstract: MySQL 5.5 introduced new features for replication like semi-synchronous replication. Recent development in MySQL 5.6 DMR further enhances replication by introducing Global transaction IDs, multi-threaded slaves, time-delayed replication, improved crash safety, auto-failover. In this talk we will take a look at these new features and explore their use cases.
Presentation begins: 03/12/2012 12:45
Presentation duration: 45
Presentation content level: 2 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: Experienced (2-3 years)
Audience function: Functional Manager, Oracle, Partner, Product Expert, Product User
Speaker biography: Mark is originally from a Linux/Unix systems administration and security background. He specialises in new startup company infrastructure with rapid planned growth and has in depth involvement in the content delivery space for the last 5 years. He now specialises in the MySQL product set under Oracle. Mark is a keen motorsport enthuasist and can be found tinkering with his bikes and cars on any sunny weekend.
Related topics: MySQL: MySQL
Hall: Executive Room 2